Matterport – 3D Virtual Tours

What is a 3D Virtual Tour?

A 3D virtual tour is a 3 dimensional space replicated and processed with sophisticated software that will allow the viewer to experience any space or structure with a lifelike experience.  3D Virtual Tours gives you a real perspective of the home or structure you are touring.  Many industries are now capitalizing using this technology to streamline operations, increase sales and reduce risk.

Provide 3D Virtual Tours

With a 3D virtual tour, prospective leads can do their own walk-through of your properties from anywhere, anytime, generating higher engagement and interest.

  • Sell at a 4-9% higher sales price.
  • Decrease time on market by up to 31%.
  • Increase time on site by 15%.
  • Attract more qualified prospects by giving viewers the most complete representation of your property, filtering out those the property may not be right for while also attracting leads that are genuinely interested in your property.

All-In-One Solution for Real Estate or Property Management

As a Matterport service provider our services not only elevates your home or property listing, it makes doing so much easier with a solution that creates assets for you automatically.

  • Generate 3D virtual tours, 4K print quality photos, schematic floor plans, guided and video tours.
  • Share on social media sites easily, such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Publish to Google Street View, VRBO, and
  • Embed your 3D space on your website.
  • Create measurements within your space to help manage virtual staging.

Matterport Samples

Capturing As-Built Construction for the A.E.C. Industries

Aerial Recon’s Matterport’s 3D data platform automatically stitches all the collected data together and lets you export the  data easily, saving significant amounts time.

Some of the advantages of our 3D virtual spaces are as follows:

  • Create 3D walk-throughs and virtually take anyone immediately to a site or location.
  • Generate OBJ files and point clouds for as-builts and construction documentation.
  • Export your point cloud into ReCap® or Revit®
  • Perform remote inspections, measure while offsite, and reduce site visits by capturing all data the first time.
  • Communicate key milestones quickly and effectively by eliminating travel time and by sharing and annotating in the model to get sign offs.
  • Replace thousands of photos by capturing all imagery and data at once, and save time by eliminating the need to document, arrange, and label photos.
  • Get reflected ceiling plan images and schematic floor plans.
  • Eliminate registration markers or manual alignment.
  • Have scans automatically registered and stitched into a textured mesh in hours.
  • Capture spaces that are accurate within 1% using a Matterport Pro2 camera.

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